Militant Poet (rockerboy) wrote in garage,
Militant Poet

engine..? Issues

X-Posted a little.. hope you don't have to read it too many times.

Hey guys, having a little bit of an issue with my car, and was hoping someone here has some insight for me.

I have a 2003 Nissan Sentra, se-r spec v, 6 speed, etc. etc.;

Occasionally going down the interstate, my car will give a  little jerk, and i'll see my tachometer drop for a sec,  or sometimes it will just drop to 0 for a while.  Starting a couple days ago,  I started getting a lot of vibration, and the engine / exhaust sounds like it's caming.  It's very jerky when i drive in any gear, almost like it wants to stall out until i'm above 2000 rpm, then it's pretty smooth.  It's not doing it constantly, and sometimes it runs smooth, like nothing is wrong.  This all makes me think it's a transmission issue, but when it's jerky it doesn't matter if it's in gear or not, just sitting in neutral will make the car vibrate, but the tach needle isn't popping up and down, it's sitting even at idle around 800 - 900.
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