Pare (parelyzed) wrote in garage,

A question for those whove had accidents

I hope this is ok, I've recently been in an accident. It was in a parking lot so it's a 50/50 no fault accident, no matter who hit who. I'm looking at about $2000+ worth of fixing to my Epica.  I'm just wondering... the other party will be going through her insurance to fix her car, which will cause her insurance company to let mine know about the accident, and my involvement... how much do insurance rates usually go up. I'm going to be going through mine to fix my car also since my rates are going to go up anyway because of this, I'm just wondering if anyone who has been in an accident, where they're at fault or not, how much do insurance rates usually go up. It's my first accident, but I"m considered a new driver (under 25), and I've only been on my own insurance policy for 3 months. (clean record  under my mom for about a year and a half).
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Your insurance rates should only go up if you make a claim against your insurance. If you're paying out of pocket, they can't do anything since they're not paying anything out.
It also depends where you are - I'm in Saskatchewan and had a parking lot accident with pretty much no damage to my car (a little corner light got smashed so I just fixed it) but the other car had $7000 worth of damages and we both reported it to SGI (insurance we have here) and I didn't have to pay a cent and my insurance and my license didn't go up, that no fault insurance stuff can be confusing - but like the above guy said, if you're paying it yourself I can't see it make your insurance go up
I am going through my insurance. Since shes going to go through hers, that will result in her insurance contacting my insurance company to let them know I have been involved in an accident, my rates are going to go up anyway I might as well go through my insurance since i have $2200 worth of damage. I'm just curious as to how much it'll go up.
SGI is famous for equal fault claims as they do not have jouristiction on parking lot accidients. Small claims court is your course of action if you believe you have a case against the other driver being at fault. My son is going through the same thing where another driver backed out of a parking stall right into his car. All research I have done on this matter points to the same answer. The person doing the backing out of a parking space is always at fault for not ensuring that he or she has a clear and unobstructed right of way before doing the backing out.

My son has taken action to have this matter resolved in small claims court. He has two ways he can win and only one way to lose. If she doesn't show up to court he wins, if he proves his case he wins. He has nothing to lose even if the court still decides it is equal fault