Pare (parelyzed) wrote in garage,

A question for those whove had accidents

I hope this is ok, I've recently been in an accident. It was in a parking lot so it's a 50/50 no fault accident, no matter who hit who. I'm looking at about $2000+ worth of fixing to my Epica.  I'm just wondering... the other party will be going through her insurance to fix her car, which will cause her insurance company to let mine know about the accident, and my involvement... how much do insurance rates usually go up. I'm going to be going through mine to fix my car also since my rates are going to go up anyway because of this, I'm just wondering if anyone who has been in an accident, where they're at fault or not, how much do insurance rates usually go up. It's my first accident, but I"m considered a new driver (under 25), and I've only been on my own insurance policy for 3 months. (clean record  under my mom for about a year and a half).
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