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It's not the battery, it's not the starter...

Probably time to just get a new car but that's not really an option right now. My 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE-1 won't start again. It worked just fine on Tuesday night but on Wednesday morning when I went to leave for work it wouldn't start - and I'll preface that by saying that it was plugged in all night and it has been any where from the high minus teens to low minus 30's Celsius (so 1 to -22 Fahrenheit) lately. The battery is fine, the starter spins but it doesn't seem to be catching. The spark plugs, spark plug wires and battery are all relatively new (less than a year old) and the fuel and air filters have also been recently replaced. I do have gas in the tank (about half a tank) and have tried both boosting the car (even though I didn't think it was necessary since the battery is working - but my dad insisted I atleast try) and I tried putting a bottle of gas line anti-freeze in and that didn't work either. Then I read online about this car's problems with the passlock system so I tried the 10 minute trick where you leave the key in the on position for 10 minutes, then turn it off, and then try starting the car. Still nothing. Any more perspectives on what could be going on? I've been without a car for a few days now and would really like to be able to do somethings around town tomorrow because with these temperatures plus the wind chill we're having it's way too cold to walk. I was supposed to be taking it in to get a Command Start installed on it but it kind of seems useless when the car won't start to begin with - any ideas on whether a Command Start system might actually bypass the seemingly mysterious starting issues I'm having?
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