Pare (parelyzed) wrote in garage,

Check engine light reader.

I've owned y car less than a year and my check engine light has come on for the third time. It's a 2004 Chevy Epica. The first time it came on it was the O2 sensor, so I had that replaced. The second time it came on it was the same thing so I just had it turned off and it's been a good 5 months since then, and it's back on. Now instead of paying $100 every time it comes on to get a mechanic to figure out the code and shut it off, I want to buy one myself. Is there a certain thing to look for when buying one. I saw this one on ebay but since I'm not savvy about this stuff at all I need help. 
It seems cheap but if it's going to work the same way I'm excited. Also, are codes different from cars made in the US vs. cars made in Canada?

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