DAVIN (xdavinx) wrote in garage,

s-10 woes

don't buy a chevy. this is my third one that hasn't been able to pass an inspection after the first year of ownership.

i have a 2000 s-10. i just recently replaced the fuel tank, fill neck, 3 fuel lines, 2 brake lines, rear calipers. my check engine light is still on as a catalyst leak. i now have a mystery coolant leak. once a month i have to fill the reservoir. i never see fluid on the ground whenever i park. i smell it. i have no residue on my windshield or coolant on my passenger floor.

are there any test for these issues i should ask for specifically when i take it in. i've done everything i can and need someone with the right machinery to help me find this leak.

also, when i turn my heat on on colder days, my blower screeches and doesn't blow at full capacity. should the fans be lubricated? is the motor bad? what can i do?
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