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I've got an 03 Ranger with the 4.0 V6. Yesterday, I noticed a slight hiccup on my way down to my parents' house. It happened a couple more times on the way home. Today, I took about a 3 hour drive (round trip), and it happened probably a dozen or so times during that trip.

-Split second hiccup
-I don't hear anything when it happens
-It's intermittent, and I haven't been able to come up with any pattern to it.
-I only notice it over 50 mph
-Accelerates and runs fine
-No apparent change in engine RPM (doesn't last long enough to see)
-Not cruise control related, happens when I'm using the cruise or not

I've got a touch over 96,000 miles, and as far as I know still the original plugs. I plan to replace plugs and wires as I know they should be done, and I'm also finding people being able to fix it with that.

I'm wondering if anyone else has any ideas as to what it could be.
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